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Health & Beauty

Local hair stylists are found an Av. Veracruz, but very popular in Barra de Navidad is

THERAPEUTIC  MASSAGE with  Sra. Lucero it is great experience. I'd   love to explain how good you will feel after you indulge in a "Deep Tissue" Massage... but I can't... Some things just have to be experienced... Try it once... And you'll always return!!
Holistic Massage, Reflexology, Quiromassage, Touch for Health, Reiki, Hot Stones Mass.EXPERIENCE THE BEST DEEP RELAXATION THERAPY IN A QUIET PEACEFUL PALAPA SAN LUCAS 64 - Established in Barra de Navidad since 1996. Please call for further information. Reservation must be made at least one day in advance. Tel: (315)-355 - 51 35 or Cell. (01)-314 - 872-2978
55:mts. - $35 USD 40:mts. - $30 USD 25:mts. - $20 USD
It is a therapeutic steam bath, which for centuries has been recognized for its curative effects. ike a sauna or Turkishbath, toxins are eliminated through perspiration and weight-loss is stimulated. The respiration system is also purifiedamong many others benefits. In addition TEMAZCAL is different in the followings ways: A. Historically, it is one of the richest expressions of Traditional Mexican Medicine. B. Structurally it is made of stones and mud bricks dried in the sun and molded in the shape of an igloo. Steam is created by spilling of water on volcanic stones heated by natural wood fire. C. A mixture of Traditional Mexican medicinal plants are added to the water or applied as a poultice to increasethe therapeutic effects. D. The tradition of Mexican TEMAZCAL includes a rich ceremony celebrating purification through connecting with the spirits of water, air, plants, earth and fire.   HISTORY: TEMAZCAL or TEMAZCALLI comes to us as a part of our pre-Hispanic ancestors. TEMAZCALLI, "The Little Sweat Lodge", is derived from the Nahuatl words "temas" meaning "sweat bath" and "calli" meaning "house". Although the origin of TEMAZCALLI is primarily Nahuatl and Maya; The Aztecs also used it as an initiation ceremony More recently, in 1977 the practice of TEMAZCAL was recognized for it therapeutics effects by the World Health Organization. It is now included as an integral component in international spa programs all  over the world. FOREMOST   EFFECTS TEMAZCAL is a powerful therapy in the treatment of both acute and chronic illness by: 1. Stimulating the metabolism, thereby aiding the digestive process. 2. Accelerating the heartbeat, energy level and circulation, thereby bringing more life-giving oxygen to problems areas, such as joints, bone and muscle. 3. Purifying the respiratory system, elimination of toxins, encouraging weight-loss and increasing oxygen supply. 4. It is highly recommended during pregnancy and  nursing, as it increases production of mothers milk. 5. Contributing to the release of tension and stress locked in the body, thereby giving relief to the mind and emotion, producing a sensation of peace and tranquility, mental and emotional health. The TEMAZCAL is an authentic and  exhilarating experience. Those who  know it return frequently for its  physical, mental and spiritual  health benefits. CONVENIENTLY LOCATED (In the privacy of my home)  TEMAZCAL ceremonies are offered in both Spanish and English. San Lucas 64 Fracc. Pueblo Nuevo (2 blocks from Cabo Blanco) Barra de Navidad, Jalisco With    Sra. Lucero Tel: (315) 355 51 35