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Dr. Linda Rubio

Specializes in internal medicine and pediatrics as well as emergency treatment. English Spoken. Av.Veracruz # 232 Tel. (315)-355-5412 Pharmacy next door.

In Medical Emergency call local number for Red cross ambulance

(Cruz Roja) located in Chihatlan - (315) - 335 - 5230

The closest hospital is in Manzanillo

Dr. Laura - Dentist

Dr. Laura

Specializes in general and 

emergency dentistry.

English Spoken

Av.Veracruz # 175B Tel. (315)-355-5859

 Dr. Linda Rubio

Av.Veracruz # 232



There are many other

drug stores

located around town

Police Department

Av. Veracruz # 179

Next to ATM

Tel. (315)-355-5399

Emergency Tel.  060

 Dr. Linda Rubio