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Welcome to Barra de Navidad - Come and join us today! 

Stores & Crafts
Bara de Navidad do not have large shopping malls but certainly you can find what ever you need, and if you can’t, drive to Manzanillo where you can shop at Manzanillo Plaza, Soriano or WallMart, you can also find Office Depot and if you are hungry stop at Burger King.
Fish markets are located on the lagoon. 
Meat market fresh meat daily located on Av.Guanajuarto. You can also get fresh meet at "The Happy Cow" in Melaque.
If you do not want to walk or drive you can have fresh fruits, vegetables and eggs delivered daily to  your door
Need photo developed or printed or extra memory cards stop at Foto Geidy
Many small shops on the main street
as well as crafts, locally made
There is also a bazaar every Thursday at the entrance of Barra.
some local stores in town